Frequently Asked Questions

The below frequently asked questions and answers will hopefully address any concerns you may have about rehearsals, performances or other details. If not, please email us at or contact your director. We will do our best to help you.

Important Contact Information


Dulce Anaya:  (904) 727-7515;

Debra Rankin: (904) 388-2466 or (904) 386-7845;

Mark Spivak: (904) 268-3583;

Guest Choreographers

Heather Loveland: (904) 614-7177;

Suzanne Saltmarsh: (415) 310-7002;

General questions:



How to I order apparel?

You may order apparel by going to our online store, click here. The deadline for ordering is September 20, 2017. Please be sure to indicate the dancer name and role so we may deliver your order to you.

Are Rehearsals Mandatory?

Yes, all rehearsals are mandatory as stated in the contract you signed on your own behalf or on behalf of your child. If you have a conflict or if your child is sick, please contact your artistic director immediately. Contact information is listed on your rehearsal schedule. After 2 missed rehearsals for any reason, a dancer may be dismissed from the cast. If you are injured, please contact your artistic director immediately.

Are performances Mandatory?

Yes, all performances are mandatory. For double cast roles, you must appear at all performances for your cast. If you have questions regarding this, please contact your artistic director.

What does “double cast” mean?

Double cast means there are 2 different casts for one particular role who will split performances. Rehearsals remain the same.

Cast A has 2 performances on Thursday, December 7 and the Gala Performance on Saturday, December 9. Cast B has 2 performances on Friday, December 8 and the Matinee performance on Saturday, December 9.

What roles are in which Act?

The Nutcracker Ballet is a full length ballet in two acts. The roles in Act I are all those in the party scene, all those in battle scene, Christmas Spirit, Sprites and Snow. The roles in Act II are Angels, Cherubs, Sprites, pages, bon bons, all pointe variations, Arabian and Russian.

Does my child have to stay for the entire show?

If your child appears only in Act I and a release at intermission form is returned before the deadline, your child may be picked up at intermission of any performance in which she/he appears. The form is now online. Click here to access it:  Release form. Please review it very carefully for important information regarding pick up at intermission.

If my child is released at intermission and wants to watch the remainder of the show with us, does he/she need to have a ticket?

Yes, your dancer will exit the theatre through the stage door and must enter the theatre just as any other member of the public would. As a result, a ticket must be purchased for the dancer. The Florida Theatre does not allow children to sit on laps to attend the show

What is the Freeze?

The Freeze occurs at the very beginning of the show during the telling of the story by Herr Stahlbaum. Each vignette is lighted along with the story. For mice, being designated as a freeze mouse also means an appearance in Act II when Clara tells the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Court the story of the battle. Freeze mice are not released at intermission and remain backstage until the end of the show. Freeze mice from each cast are selected during rehearsals.

When is the cast party?

The cast party is held at the Florida Theatre between the Matinee and the Gala performances. There will be food, drinks, music and, of course, dancing. This year, there will also be a photo booth to take pictures with friends and fellow cast member. A donation of $5 per dancer attending is requested and may be paid at our online store.

Cast members must be picked up at 5:00 PM so the Florida Theatre staff can prepare for the evening show.

If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to Community Nutcracker and mail it to 4446 Hendricks Ave., Ste. 364, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

May I be backstage with my dancer?

Parents are not permitted backstage unless you have signed up to volunteer to work backstage. If you volunteer, every effort will be made to place you in the same area as your child. Please be prepared to help all the dancers in the area you are assigned.

We use for our volunteer assignments. Please be aware that there are limited spots due to space limitations. Follow this link to our Group Page:

There will also be a Signup button on our website in the cast member area. So, keep an eye out for that!

What should be worn to Florida Theatre?

Hair and make up should be done before arriving at Florida Theatre for your call time. Wear your regular clothes with your leotard and tights underneath so you can change into your costume quickly.

Street should be worn. Dance shoes are part of your costume and should be put on when putting your costume on.

Hair and make-up notes

In general, for female dancers, brown eye shadow should be worn with lots of mascara. If eye liner is worn, it should be black and may NOT extend past the eye. Brows should be darkened with brow pencil. Deep rose blush on cheeks and true red matte lipstick.

Mice should wear blue eye shadow. No blush is necessary. Bring a black eyeliner and make-up remover wipes with you to the Theatre. Your nose and whiskers will be added backstage.

Boys should wear blush and lipstick in a brownish tone and brown eye shadow. Brows may be darkened with brow pencil.

Rhinestone stud earrings may be worn by: all girls on pointe, Russians, Arabians, Cherubs, Sprites and Clara. No earrings for party girls, mice, soldiers, pages, bon-bons. No other jewelry should be worn. Please leave at home (including watches).

Unless otherwise noted here, female dancers’ hair should be worn in the classic ballet bun, No bumps or wispy hairs. You want a smooth look. Hair nets should be worn over the bun for extra security.

Males hair should be slicked back out of the face.

Party Girls/Clara:  half up/half down in ringlet curls (either your natural hair or hair pieces). If wearing hair pieces, loose hair should be secured in a low bun which will be covered by the ringlet curls.

Bon bons: girls only – two side buns just behind the ears (think Princess Leia from the first Star Wars)

Arabians: long pony tail (your hair or extensions)